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The Employment Census is an online survey that asks you to answer questions about your skills, career goals, and personal circumstances. As you answer the questions, the Employment Census uses information from thousands of databases to help you find new, gainful employment. Features section: Finding that perfect job was never easier We use the best in class technology to find that job you’re looking for faster than any other method.
With our personalized suggestions and valuable insights, finding your dream job has never been easier. Take the pressure off of applying Don’t worry about crafting a perfect resume- we’ll do it for you! The  Employment Census will automatically create a resume based on your responses, saving valuable time for you to search for jobs while we craft the perfect resume for you! — Make your job search easier Employment Census is a platform that helps people find fulfilling careers. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can find information to guide your next steps – from the latest surveys and research to the most promising job openings that match your skillset.
No more fake promises We’re committed to being a beacon of hope for those seeking employment, not a black hole of false hope. We offer unbiased and accurate information to help you make educated decisions about your next steps. You know best At Employment Census, we never speak for you. You have a unique set of skills, abilities, experiences and dreams – we’re here to help you find what fits your needs. One stop for all your needs In today’s time of information overload, we aim to be an easy-to-navigate site that offers all the right information in one place – from job listings tailored specifically to you to helpful tips on how to apply for jobs online.
Your roadmap to a new, better job.  Employment requires a data-driven solution that can help you find the job of your dreams. It simplifies the process by collecting information about you and your situation and then mapping out potential strategies to get you there. Features section: Finding a new job in just minutes It’s easier than ever before to find a job! The Employment Census takes just minutes and provides you with helpful resources and personalized recommendations. Also consider non-traditional employment for women.
Resources for all needs Searching for a new job can be overwhelming — we take care of that for you by providing the resources that best suit your interests, skills, and budget. We also offer alternative resources such as resume tips if you’re currently unemployed. All in one place The Employment Census has it all — from traditional jobs to remote or part-time, we’ve got it covered. Job seekers can also find information on their rights, employment law, or even advice on how to avoid scams.