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In India, you have to do the IAS exam with the goal that you can gain a government employment which is hard. Even if it is hard to crack exam, it is still manageable. Once you are successful, you can now rest easy knowing that you have become a member of the elite civil service. There are various civil service departments that you can join after taking care of the test. So, who holds the IAS exam? The UPSC, a constitutional institution takes care of all the matters relating to this exam, and they ascertain that it has been administered appropriately to everyone. The exam has basically three segments and that is why it is a really difficult exam to partake in. The first section is the preliminary part which is administered during March every year. After this, you can take part in the second phase exam which is the main one. The prerequisite for taking part in the second phase of the examinations is that you need to have passed the first one. Your scores in the preliminary stage aren’t going to be considered in the later stage as it is just a qualifying stage.

As you prepare for the secondary phase, you need to know that it happens during October; it goes on for 25 days. It depends on a lot of papers however you need to ensure that you have finished all the necessary papers effectively to progress here. Once you complete the second section of the IAS, you can now proceed to the interview segment. Not surprisingly, it is completed by the UPSC. The normal interviewing period is during March’s closing weeks; it proceeds to the starting weeks of May. Once people are done, the results are announced two to three days before the preliminary exams start. If you are interested in an IAS exam, you only need a graduate certificate from a recognized institute of higher learning. The base age here is twenty-one years. Individuals are permitted to do the IAS exam four times as long as they are under thirty years of age. If you are applying from a weaker segment, there are certain relaxations that you can be offered. Each individual that takes the IAS exam are similar regardless of the greatness of their scholarly certificate.

Plan your issues suitably before beginning to take an IAS exam. It additionally has some planning materials that you have to go over. These resources will offer you with more information at tackling the test better. Once you are certain you can handle IAS, go for it.

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