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The Ultimate Prepping Routine

So many things can happen that shall need you to be ready for survival. Getting to the right standard for survival in any situation takes time. You will have so many things to consider, and so much to invest in.
You need to first find out what reason you have to make such preparations. You may be thinking of natural disasters which are known for making it hard for people to access the resources they usually do when things are normal. Others are afraid the government shall no longer be able to take care of its citizens as they are used to. While prepping, it is your hope that you will never have to use these items. It is the hope, but the reality is you need to be ready just in case these things come to pass.

How you expect things to go wrong is what will help you prepare for them. If you expect a chemical attack, having high-quality gas masks and iodine pills shall be of great help. Where there may be natural disasters shall need you to have your survival kit mobile and easy to reach. IT needs to be well stocked, with a way for you to either carry water or purify it where you go.

You need to see to it that your food supply is aplenty. During natural disasters, easy access to food is usually the first thing to go. Food prices shall skyrocket in case there is civil action or military unrest. In such times, it shall help to have your supply of food to last you as long as it takes to get through that phase. This food shall also need you to jeep cycling through it, to keep it as fresh as possible when the time comes.

It is important for you to also find a way to keep your family safe during those days of disaster. There is the danger that when things go wrong, even the best people can turn on you and your family. Add to that the fact that people may look at what you have and want it for themselves, or try and hurt you in the process. This is why you need to learn some basic self-defense skills, and to have a few weapons ready to defend yourselves. This need to be kept safe, as those who do not have will attempt to take it away from you.

You therefore need to start prepping by looking at what you have, what potential threats may come, and what you shall need to add to survive them. You need to look at your strengths and weaknesses, and you your best to put in place measures to remedy those weaknesses.

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