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The right Necktie

A neck tie is like the crown of the suit. A formal occasion needs you to be in a complete suit otherwise you will feel like you are missing something without a tie. Neck ties come in different styles and color to properly compliment your suit. The main materials in the making of neckties are usually polyester or silk. Neckties need to march with the suit and shirt they are picked for you just don’t do it blindly. Currently most fashionable suits come in gray black blue and brown which will go well with warm colored neck ties such as coffee brown, red, purple among other colors in the same range. In matching the neck tie to the suit you are going to step out in you need to have a layer feel. Dark color suits with light color neck ties will look good and dark color neck ties with light color suits will both look good. When you are matching neckties, suits and shirts the principle is that you should not exceed more than three colors.

Light colored gray suits will match well with light colored shirts and neck ties. The occasion that you are dressing up for will be something else to influence the choice of the suit to go with for that particular day or evening. Colorful ties will be perfect for dinner and festivals that you have been invited for. The stripped ties are divided into two depending on the stripes , you can have American and British. The British stripped neck ties has the stripes moving from the top right to the bottom left while the American stripped tie has the stripes moving from the top left to the bottom right. Neckties are some of the most important accessories that you will own as a man, they tell more about the kind of person you are. It is therefore right to stress that you select the right kind of ties for you.

A short tie that has a large knot indicates that you are a strong man even without saying it. If the tie has a small knot and it’s too tight it can be taken to mean that you are self-abased. The neck tie knot should not be too tight so that it appears decent and feels comfortable to have it on. A necktie clip is an important accessory to have so that you can hold your tie in place anytime you are not in a jacket. When tying a tie it’s critical that you make sure you have the right length and size of the knot as well. If the suit that you are wearing has a vest , the tie should be worn within it the same goes if you are wearing sweater too. You can stand out for simply accessorizing your suit, shirt and necktie right.

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