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The Following is What You Should Know About How to Maintain and Repair a Lawn Mower

A lawn mower if it was to be classified it can be classified in the class of machines. There is nothing abnormal about a mower breaking down this happens from time to time. If you realise that the mower you are using has a problem then the best thing to do is to undertake maintenance on it. You can decide to hire someone to do it for you or you can just do it yourself. If you do it yourself of could end up being more expensive. It is a simple task if you know how to repair it. There are three easy steps you can take to repair the mower yourself and this article will break them down for you.

Opening the mower’s hood and checking the spark plug is the first step. In most cases the hoses meets the motor in many mowers. When working on your lawn mower always ensure that you take the hose off the the plug. If the plug is either crusty or dirty you can take a new plug and slide it into position to replace the the hose. So as your mower always works perfectly you should buy a new plug every season.

This step is very important as it ensures that your engine does not falter and it always starts perfectly. Failure to do this can make you to spend a lot of money for your engine repairs.

What you should do next is to check the filter. It is easy to get to the filters. The plastic lid on top of the motor should be unscrewed with your hands. When you open it you should check whether there are heavy deposits of dirt inside. You can even decide to buy a new filter all together.

Replacing the blade is the last step. You should first evaluate it’s condition. You should always ensure you raise the cutting handle to its position before going underneath the mover.

In order to get to the bolt which holds the mower blade by the center easily you should raise the blade. You should unscrew the bolt and then slide off the blade from the arbor. You should then tighten the new blade into the arbor. You can cut yourself in the process so be very careful.

If you follow these instructions you will have no trouble maintaining your lawn mower. Carefully follow the steps. There will be no stress in every season as you will now be knowing how to maintain your lawn mower.

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