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Environmental Factors that Affect on Overall Status

We are constantly affected by the environment we find ourselves in. This is something many people do not take note of. If you do not feel well, chances are it is the environment you are in response. How we are physically and mentally is as a result of the environment. Our emotional health is even more affected. You need to thus know about the environment, and how it affects you.
You can become stressed out when you see so many things in the environment beyond your control. When you realize you have no control, the knowledge itself shall stress you. The presence of glare, noise, heat and crowds can prove quite stressful. These things will affect you as much as your emotional and mental conditions allow. It is best to walk away from such an area. You need to find space to catch your breath, and see if you are up to it again.
Bright lights are also another issue. It has been observed to manage to cause depression, worsen it, lead to agitation and anxiety, and affect your sleep patterns. Sleep is critical to get your body and mind to repair themselves after so much work. If not, you shall develop complications like obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes. You need to shield yourself using sunglasses should you be in an area that has too much light.
Crowds can also affect you, depending on your personality and preferences. We all need some level of social interaction to remain healthy. There are however people who cannot stand large groups people at once, who will suffer if left in a crowd. To cope with such a predicament, they should practice breathing techniques known for inducing a calm state. They shall then discover more joy in being around more people when they figure out what their triggers are. It may be poor social skills, poor hearing, or shyness. They shall find books and articles on which they can get more info about such conditions and how to handle them.
There is also a negative consequence to not spending time in nature. Nature has a way of calming down stressed minds and bodies. You, therefore, need to find time and strength to go out there and be at one with nature.
The most common color where you are is also another critical consideration. Blue and green colored rooms make for calm and collected settings. Red and orange ones make for anxiety and anger feelings. This is why you need to repaint. A wallpaper in a pleasant shade is also another option.
There is also the issue of what we can smell. Our sense of smell is linked to your emotional system. You can induce happiness by being where there are nice smells.